We offer a full range of professional creative design services.

We can provide comprehensive turnkey solutions or partner with you to provide specific services for your projects.

Creativity is at our core. Our favourite projects are the ones where we are let loose to offer our design expertise, providing in depth concepts and immersive experiences. We have varied design experience in a wide range of projects.

We work with you right from the beginning. We ask all the right questions to develop your project brief. This is the starting point for any project and we are not afraid to put the work in!

Narrative Story

If your project is an event or attraction then developing a narrative can really enrich the experience, making it more engaging and memorable. This is essential with themed events, adding depth and value to the experience.

Concept Design & Development

We let our imagination run wild and can provide you with a bounty of exciting ideas. This is a fun part of the project with lots of sketching and mind mapping.

Concept Art Visualisations

Our concept artists are able to create dramatic and atmospheric images in a full range of styles designed to suit the project. These are great to build concept depth at the early stages of a project.

3D Visualisations & Walkthroughs

As part of realisation of a concept design or finalising a project, we are able to provide full 3D mockups. Our 3D designers are able visualise the attraction, product or event, taking it as close to the real world as possible.

Bespoke Pitch Presentation

We can collate together your project into a pitch winning proposal for presentation to stakeholders. From heavily themed designs right through to contemporary looks, we are well versed in providing powerful visual presentations.

Event Design

From venue layouts, theme ideas and colour schemes right through to lighting, decor and logistics. We can help you design and plan your events, bringing your creative visions to life. We are themed event specialists and it’s one of the areas we really excel in.

Product Design & Fabrication Drawings

Our design team has an intrinsic link to our on-site production department. We can guarantee that our designs are not just mind blowing and impressive but also technically correct and viable.

Graphic Design & Wayfinding

We have a team who can provide you with high level graphic design and illustration over a wide range of styles and themes. We have an in-house print team at EPH Studios so are able to print out designs as well.

Themed Environments

We are theming experts so love any opportunity to design and build themed environments. This can range from events and attractions right through to retail and leisure.
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